International group exhibition that examines the multiple relationships between sexuality and darkness within the neoliberal world of permanent lighting. Through the various works and curatorial strategies, 89 Nights aims to show how modernity / coloniality has held dichotomies – such as light and dark, black and white, masculine and feminine, and provided a basis for establishing a hierarchy between these, about sexuality, gender, ‘race’ and class. Curated by Carolina Chacon and Stephanie Noach.

Through a series of artistic projects 89 Nights explores how the gloom, the absence of light and night, challenging sexual and social conventions lit environment, and how they have offered land for imaginary play on historically hidden and marked sexual behavior. Instead of focusing on the bad and dark surrounding darkness, the exhibition suggests that the dark offers opportunities resistance and liberation. Exploring these subversive potential, 89 Nights problematize the ways in which understood the darkness within modernity ally of violence, viciousness and barbarism. Therefore, the project asks how the legacies of colonial modernity have influenced speeches about darkness, “race”, gender and sexuality in the Global South, specifically Latin America.

The Museum of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia
Exhibition: Mai 17Th to August 13th, 2017