Pupils of the Schule am Rathaus, Berlin Copies and their originals Foot of Dismas, the good thief, 1646/1655 Foot of Prospertina Pupils with foot from Saint Sebastian, produced by Martin Zürn around 1638 Pupils with foot from Angel of the Annunciation, produced by Jacopo della Quercia around 1410

Objects are also knowledge carriers. They provide insights into various questions that enable us to see and experience their history from an ever-changing perspective. The project “Talking Feet and Hosting Sculptures” was intended to generate other points of entrance into some works of the Bode Museum’s collection. The project dealt with the questions: What would the foot of a sculpture tell us if it could communicate with people? What if a sculpture is interpreted by looking at its feet? Replicas of feet of selected objects from the Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art were produced. Equipped with an audio recorder and a loudspeaker, the feet can reveal some of their hidden stories but can also record comments from its audience. Thus they wander – fed with stories and information based on short interviews with Bode Museum staff – out of the institution and into three partner schools in Berlin. With the feet, the stories from the perspective of the pupils returned to the museum afterward. Placed next to the original artworks, completely new narratives suddenly became possible and visible.

The starting point for the project “Talking Feet and Hosting Sculptures” was a lab.Bode residency at the Bodemuseum, Berlin, in 2018.