Fuck Patriarchy!

For this project, Mathilde ter Heijne starts out from copper engravings by the now largely forgotten female Dutch artist Geertruyd Roghman (1602–1657) and paintings by her contemporary Jan Vermeer (1632–1675). Both artists show women practicing handicrafts in their works, but still present two contrasting realities of life: Roghman shows women who are compelled to work for their living, while in Vermeer’s work the women devote themselves to craftwork as a typical feminine “leisure activity.” Both works are accompanied acoustically by disparate contemporary source texts on the topic of domestic violence. These two layers of content show that a patriarchal social system cannot offer a “Golden Age” to women, neither in the 17th-century Netherlands nor today. The video installation Fuck Patriarchy! can be presented in combination with the model house Small Scale Model of a Home (Vermeer Studio) (both 2004).


This project has been shown at
Viafarini, Milano, 2004