Logo von UCTT, l'Union des Cultes Traditionelles du Togo For a Split Second, videostill For a Split Second, videostill For a Split Second, videostill Production photo Production photo Sakpata Still of video material by Kinect camera Videostill from material of Kinect camera Humbold Lab, Museum for Ethnology, Dahlem, 2015 Production photo Production photo Transportable altar Beri/ After the Butcher Mixing röntgen-, and auracamera images / After the Butcher

“Mivabo!” is an ongoing, collaborative, experimental, research project. The project was triggered by a meeting with Messanh Amedegnato, a friend of the artist’s in Berlin who was consecrated as highpriest to Hèviesso (deity of thunder) in Agouegan, Aného,Togo, in 2014, and has since been known as Togbé Hounon Hounougbo Bahousou. Ter Heijne was interested in the connection between materiality, technology and spirit in the rituals surrounding Amedegnato’s inauguration and his subsequent practice in Togo and Berlin, which toggles locality and cultural significance. As part of her research in Berlin and Togo, Ter Heijne interviewed Togbé Hounon and priestess Mami Da Povi on the restitution of spiritual objects, the importance and meaning of various ingredients used in Hevièsso ceremonies, about oral histories, and on the subject of unisex and genderless deities. Since the project began, Ter Heijne’s home and studio have served as a place for a portable alter dedicated to Hèviesso. It allows ter Heijne to act as both a researcher and participant, further displacing traditional concepts of authorship that continue to dominate the Western art world.

This project has been shown at
Mathilde ter Heijne and Norbert Witzgall, AFTER THE BUTCHER, Berlin, 2014
Springer nochmals, The Humboldt Lab Dahlem, Berlin, 2015