For 36 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran was isolated with regard to foreign policy and was subject to a trade embargo. After the sanctions against Tehran were lifted in spring 2016, hope is growing that the barriers for a cultural exchange between Iran and the West will decrease and that cultural life will renew. The project Copy/Paste examines the artistic use of the ubiquitous “copy / paste culture”. The analysis of the phenomenon of duplication / copy is rooted deeply in both cultures: European art discourse is based on the concept of the aura of a work of art, in other words: its uniqueness, whereas Middle Eastern Cultures consider religious-spiritual notions of the sign’s efficacy through the Ornamental. In the digital and the global age, the phenomena of reproduction have accelerated and intensified. In their artistic works, the participants of the Copy/Paste project are addressing the phenomenon of “copy/ paste” in the cultural, ecological, economic, identity- and media-related fields. Conception and Curator: Shahram Entekhabi.

KAAF non-profit Institute & Tarahan Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
CC Art Space, Isfahan
Opening: April 20, 2017