You Are Only a Ghost Without Blood

At the age of twelve, Messanh Amedegnato was designated as successor to his father, the traditional priest (prince) of his village in Togo. After his father’s death, Amedegnato should have taken sacred orders, but he studied and went abroad instead. For the last ten years, he has lived with his wife and children in Berlin. He is currently preparing for office as a  priest himself. His initiation will take place in 2012.

Is there a secret, sacred language  only spoken in the context of rituals or oracles?
Yes, there is a secret language and only priests know it. Rituals are carried out in colloquial languages, in my case in Ewe, which is my mother tongue. But I can also perform rituals in other languages, always providing that I am acknowledged as a healer in the region in question. That applies to West Africa. Besides Ewe, for example, I can also perform rituals in Fon and Peda (for Benin) or in Yoruba (for Nigeria). There is another secret language for oracles.

Is there also a sacred script? What is it used for?
There is no sacred script, but we do use symbols and signs.

What are the chains that you threw called? What can they tell us?
The chains are called “Kpêlê”1. They tell us what is going on. This is an oracle.

What is the difference between an oracle and a ritual?
The oracle is used to find out what someone needs. Then, the ritual is the means to attain it.

Are there universal rituals? Is the special cleansing soap that you conceived for Give and Take a universal ritual?
Yes, there are universal rituals. The soap is not the ritual itself; it is only used for it. But it is not a normal soap, other things were used in its preparation so that a special energy evolves.

Can you explain to me how Voodoo deals with good and evil?
In principle, the effect of Voodoo is only positive. But that doesn’t mean that Voodoo isn’t capable of bringing about evil. Voodoo reacts to evil occurrences; if someone has been given something positive through Voodoo, for example, and then fails to give thanks for it. Or if someone is troubled by another person so that he cannot sleep; Voodoo gives him back his sleep and punishes the guilty party.

Is the snake an important symbol or perhaps even a means of healing?
The snake is the symbol of Voodoo. Not all types of snake are Voodoo, but the python is, for example. We also use it as a means of healing, e.g. the fat is used as an ointment during illness. The rainbow has the same significance as the snake.

Is there a hierarchy within the Voodoo religion or community?
Yes, the Voodoo priest is at the head; he is followed by his assistants, who share the same rank but have different tasks.

Are there female priests?
Yes, it is possible for women to hold every office.

What is the significance or the application of blood?
Voodoo cannot live without blood. It is like a human being, who cannot live without blood either. You are only a ghost without blood. When animals are killed, the Voodoo gets the blood.

In what way does money (or coins) play a role?
In the past, people always gave an object in exchange. But today you need money if you want to buy an animal for a ritual, for example. Coins play a part in ritual, because the human soul and money belong together. It is only possible to use money for some rituals; other objects simply do not work.

  1. The “Kpêlê” were used as an oracle on the occasion of a meeting of the artist with Messanh Amedegnato.

Printed in: Mathilde ter Heijne: Any Day Now, pages 66-67