Posters by Christoph Balzar Meeting at Class for Performance and Times Based Arts Meeting at Class for Performance and Times Based Arts Reading List by Karina Griffith and Christine Leko Niv Acosta und Fanni Sosa, workshop Perfoflexbus am Rundgang UdK, 2019© Janine Escher Performance mit Liu Xiaoer im Perfoflexbus© Janine Escher Information in Perfoflexbus© Janine Escher

The artistic research project Intersectional Matter was launched at the beginning of 2019 as a cooperation between the class for time-based media and performance, the Institute for Art in Context (IfKiK) of the Berlin University of the Arts and the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT). Together and in exchange with each other, we wanted to face the questions: What is intersectionality? What is intersectional discrimination and what does it mean to think and act intersectionally? Numerous workshops, lectures and events in the summer and winter semester 2019/2020 at the UdK. The seat bags made by the participants of the project “It Will Be” were used to create the safer space in the seminar rooms at the Salzufer. Following the project Intersectional Matter, the exhibition Imprinted Matter, curated by Nina Prader, took place online at the Museum of Photography in Berlin.